A Campaign Leader Will Be Travelling to Italy

A Campaign Leader Will Be Travelling to Italy

One of the many advantages Novus Marketing makes available to its network of contractors is the chance to travel. The firm is connected to other offices around the world, which opens up the possibility to cross-train in different markets and build a global network. This month, one campaign leader will be going to Italy on November 23 to network and visit the top offices there.

Trips like this are a chance for professionals to see the world and experience new cultures and ideas. This leads to innovative outreach campaigns when business owners come back to the home office, and keeps morale at HQ high.

Another benefit is the growth, both personal and professional, that travel provides. The simple act of leaving one’s home is a step outside the comfort zone, which builds such soft skills such as patience, resilience, and courage. By visiting and learning from others in the industry, people give themselves the tools and knowledge with which to grow their own businesses.

Also, these partnership perks attract other keen men and women to connect with Novus Marketing. In this way, the network of talent continues to grow, which brings more businesses into the company’s portfolio. Over time, this creates more opportunity for independent contractors.

Trips are just one of the perks enjoyed by those within the community at Novus Marketing. Learn about more by liking us on Facebook.