Novus Marketing:
Leadership Development

Access this professional network to ask questions and get individualised guidance from industry leaders on how to build your own team and grow your own customer base.

Brand Ambassador

Early brand ambassadors learn the business basics and fundamental entrepreneurship skills that help them level-up into customer acquisitions mastery.


Leaders perfect team building skills and real-time campaign innovation techniques to ensure long-term success.

Group Leader

Group leaders know how to motivate incoming brand ambassadors as they build teams and strengthen entrepreneurial outcomes.

Assistant Owner

Anyone who reaches Assistant Owner level will dig deeper into how our business model works, learning how to manage accounts, recruitment, and much more.


Those who reach the ownership level have demonstrated that they have the business expertise to run a profitable business and maintain sustainable growth.

Professional Journeys Start
With Novus Marketing

Novus Marketing has the tools and support new businesses need to thrive. It’s an environment that simplifies the launch of new ventures and paves the way to discovering unlimited potential. Learn more by sending your résumé to