Giving Back Matters to Small Businesses

Giving Back Matters to Small Businesses

The contractors within the network at Novus Marketing are big-hearted, generous people who love to make a difference. This is a good thing because our culture encourages businesses of all sizes to give back to their communities.

Perhaps the biggest question asked around Novus Marketing is how can an emerging enterprise contribute to causes in the community? We tend to think of corporate philanthropy in terms of foundations and big donors. But even new companies can do their parts to create a better world. Here are some easy ways to get involved:

• Supply Drives: Homeless shelters, children’s hospitals, food pantries, and even pet shelters all depend on the generosity of others for donations. Look for a group that might be in need of specific items and organise a collection drive to help them re-stock.

• Volunteering: Time is valuable and many nonprofits are in need of others to roll up their sleeves and help. The opportunities here are endless. Some firms opt to take a shift serving meals at a soup kitchen. Others might look to mentor school children or assist with a fundraiser. Whatever is meaningful to your business is where to start.

• Sponsorships: While a young business might not have the means to underwrite a gala, there are smaller donation levels at which anyone can contribute and earn some publicity while doing good. Another thought is to sponsor a youth sports team, and proudly see the firm’s name on the back of their jerseys.

What types of causes do entrepreneurs in this network support? Like Novus Marketing on Facebook to learn about our philanthropic endeavours.