Meetings of the Brightest Minds to Take Place

Meetings of the Brightest Minds to Take Place

Around Novus Marketing, we like to kick off the year by bringing talented entrepreneurs together in a setting in which they can share their experiences and build off each other’s successes. Our New Leaders Meeting and our Next Generation Meeting have become two of the most anticipated events around this community.

The New Leaders Meeting gathers entrepreneurs who have recently taken next steps in progressing their own businesses. Meanwhile, the Next Generation Meeting is for those up-and-coming individuals who are new to the network at Novus Marketing. This is their chance to meet with mentors and enjoy some knowledge transfer.

Why are such events vital to entrepreneurs’ professional journeys? Let’s explore:

• Exchanges of Information: During conferences and meetings, there’s plenty of time for each person to talk about the impact different techniques have on customer acquisition results. As they compare notes, entrepreneurs can pick up new methods or feel positive knowing that others have faced similar challenges and have discovered viable solutions.

• Insights Into Bigger Picture: These gatherings are always enlightening, especially for newer contractors as they can better visualise the industry and the potential it holds.

• Network: Every one of these functions is a chance to either connect with new people or build on acquaintances already made.

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