One of the Most Important Professional Skills

One of the Most Important Professional Skills

One of the skills that people within the network of independent contractors at Novus Marketing should master is goal setting. Those who are driven to attain high levels of success in any area of their lives must know how to nurture a clear vision for their future and create action steps that will get them there.

To assist this group of consultants in creating objectives, Novus Marketing has taken two steps. First, we make materials available that teach specific goal-setting techniques, such as the SMART approach. This stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-sensitive – the five elements of a well-set goal.

Then, we support the learning material with a culture that inspires optimism and achievement. We recognise business partners when they achieve milestones in their personal and professional lives, for example. Growth opportunities like trips are also made available for those who hit predetermined metrics in their businesses. There’s always something to look forward to for those who link up with us.

Why are goals so vital? There are many reasons, but one is that they provide people with a way to measure progress. When a person knows where he or she wants to go, and has honestly determined where they are, it becomes easier to see the short- and mid-range benchmarks that mean this individual is on the right track.

By knowing how to set and then work toward goals, people raise their confidence and achievement levels.