Our Community of Professionals Is Our Biggest Strength

Our Community of Professionals Is Our Biggest Strength

One of the best reasons for people to join the Novus Marketing network is the chance to build rapport with other entrepreneurs. Our firm sponsors travel opps that give contractors the chance to develop their skills while also connecting with colleagues.

We have made a very special kind of business trip available to consultants every week in November: the chance to take road trips with peers all around Scotland. This is a great way to see parts of the country they normally wouldn’t while spending time with peers.

Goal setting is crucial for success in any industry, and the company provides training material devoted to this topic. However, the firm goes beyond this, making incentives like these weekly road trips available to give consultants a chance to practice what they’ve learned. These and other contests come with metrics, timelines, and specific requirements – all elements of properly set goals.

The community within Novus Marketing that has been built is one of the firm’s sharpest competitive advantages. While individual achievement is recognised, it’s when the business owners join and work as a group toward company goals that the true strength of our business model becomes apparent. There are real senses of unity and camaraderie, even though everyone is working for themselves.

Chances to explore new markets are just one of the perks of partnering with Novus Marketing. Learn about more by following us on Twitter.