PRESS RELEASE: Novus Marketing Participates in Esteemed Gala

PRESS RELEASE: Novus Marketing Participates in Esteemed Gala

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND – The brand ambassadors within the community at Novus Marketing were recently invited to attend the May Ball, a black-tie event held May 11 in Edinburgh. Many awards were presented that night as well.

According to representatives from Novus Marketing, this gala is one of the most anticipated events of the year. There was much excitement leading up to this evening, especially amongst new brand ambassadors who had yet to experience the opulence of such an industry function.

The formal dress code alone is a prime indicator of the type of evening these brand ambassadors enjoyed. Besides dressing in their finest attire, everyone present was treated to a top-notch affair, from delicious food and drinks to premium entertainment. It’s no wonder everyone affiliated with Novus Marketing is happy to have been part of it.

The celebration was a great chance to mingle with the best and brightest minds in this customer acquisition industry. In fact, there are many presenters and speeches that inspired those present to go the distance with their own business ventures.

Awards were doled out as well, including honours such as New Marketing Company of the Year and Marketing Company of the Year. It was refreshing to watch the honourees accept this special recognition with smiles and applause.

The May Ball is one of the many events that bring brand ambassadors together so that they might network with others and celebrate their successes. A formal occasion such as this underscores how far these individuals have come on their professional journeys.

Novus Marketing Sets the Tone for Business Success

Brand ambassadors come to Novus Marketing with a plan to become more proficient in the skills necessary to excel in a highly competitive industry like this. The firm makes the resources to do so available to individuals who seek them. Once they are part of the community, these people can also find support that extends beyond training.

Like the May Ball, there are other exciting programmes available to brand ambassadors. They can take part in trips abroad where they can build their international networks. There are other gatherings focused on sharing knowledge and collaborating on outreach that give these people a solid boost as they progress their businesses.

For someone new to this industry, being part of this network can open doors that they never knew existed. The May Ball was a chance for those who have taken advantage of these resources to the fullest to embrace their success and that of others who share their ambitions.

About Novus Marketing:
Novus Marketing partners with firms of all sizes, from start-ups to global giants, to deliver exceptional customer acquisition results. Each outreach campaign positions company messaging for maximum visibility through a reliable and professional on-the-ground presence. Entrepreneurs within this community can take advantage of a full range of learning resources to progress their individual businesses, as they learn the basics needed to grow their customer bases and achieve sustainable outcomes. Independent contractors within the network collaborate and learn from each other as well as from coaches who have realised success in this industry. Together they achieve rapid and reliable results for the companies they represent. Learn more about how Novus Marketing is delivering excellence by visiting