Travel to Ibiza Creates Momentum for Consultants

Travel to Ibiza Creates Momentum for Consultants

Travel is one of the many adventures available to contractors within the community at Novus Marketing. These trips provide exclusive chances to learn from industry leaders and connect with like-minded professionals from a variety of markets.

The most recent excursion took independent contractors to Ibiza for a rest and relaxation retreat. “These consultants had so much fun, and it was a great time to get pumped up for the upcoming holiday seasons,” shared Megan Ward, Owner of Novus Marketing.

Megan sees trips like this as worthwhile to keep top producers inspired. One of the reasons that ambitious professionals are attracted to this network is that hard work and consistent performance are acknowledged. As individuals master the skill sets that bring success, they align themselves to rapidly progress their business ventures.

Helping people sharpen their skills keeps momentum high as well. Well-educated entrepreneurs are more efficient, effective, and productive, which means their businesses thrive and profits soar. This creates an upward spiral, where learning leads to better results, which leads to bigger goals, which leads to more growth potential

The Ibiza trip was a great success, and those who attended came back refreshed and ready to create even bigger numbers in the coming months. See where the top producing consultants travel to next by following Novus Marketing on Twitter.